Rakan Fanart

Megan barnes 1
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Megan barnes 3

Textures and Polycount

Megan barnes 4


Megan barnes 5

VR Version (see other post) vs. "Riot" Version

Rakan Fanart

This is the Riot-ready version of a commission project I did to remake Rakan for VR. The idea was to marry some of the original concept pieces with the current version and try to update him a bit. A few things changed along the way (the ears being a big piece), but overall I love how he turned out. For this version I redid the lopoly to 15k tris to optimize it more, as well as re-baked the texture maps to fit the UVs in a more pleasing manner and down-res to a 2k resolution.
VR Version: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GX14lz
Model and textures created by me, Rakan created and owned solely by Riot Games.