Evelynn NightStalker Fanart

Megan barnes main
Megan barnes turnaround


Megan barnes pc textures

Textures and Polycount

Megan barnes charmed

In game examples

Megan barnes chromas

Chromas <3

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Process Gif

Megan barnes concept1

Original Rough Concept

Megan barnes concept 2

Original Rough Stealthed Concept

Evelynn NightStalker Fanart

This is my first go at handpainting a character ever, and it was really tough to learn. I've always loved Evelynn, and once she was reworked to have a more clear/interesting backstory it just made me love her more! I thought that showing her true self as a Succubus would be a really nice fit for her, since most of her skins right now are her alluring human form.

NightStalker skin created by me, Evelynn created and owned solely by Riot Games.
Base ground, and Concept background are screenshots I took from League of Legends, and belong to Riot as well.